Updates - September 29, 2016

Update for: All Sites

Sabbath Services before the Feast – October 15

This year the weekly Sabbath falls the day before the Feast begins. Many members and ministers will have already left for the Feast of Tabernacles before the weekly Sabbath. As a result, many congregations are canceling services before the Feast on October 15th.

We have provided a map that indicates which congregations have confirmed that they will hold services that day (indicated by a solid green star) and those who have indicated that services will be cancelled (indicated by an outline red star). We hope this map will help you to make your travel plans to this year’s Feast. Most congregations holding services will be meeting at their regular times, but it is best to contact the pastor as early as possible to make sure.

Feel free to print the map to leave on your information table or bulletin board at services. The PDF map can be found here - http://feast.ucg.org/sites/default/files/Sabbath-Services-2016-10-15.pdf

-- Chris Rowland, Ministerial and Member Services

Updates - September 27, 2016

Update for: USA Panama City Beach, Florida


We're now less than three weeks from the Feast of Tabernacles. Our opening night service on October 16 begins at 7:30 pm in the Grand Ballroom. 

Here are a few updates that can be of help to you and your families:

1. Our foursome golf tournament (18 holes) needs more golfers in order to keep our reservation with Holiday Golf. We currently have seven signed up and need at least 16. If you can't bring your clubs, you can rent clubs at Holiday Golf for a really small cost of $5. The carts are free and included in the $40 fee. So if you're considering playing in the golf outing on Sunday, Oct. 23, you'll need to let me know soon. We'll receive your payment during the week of the Feast (after the opening holy day). If there are enough golfers for this to continue, we will announce a brief meeting on either Thursday or Friday of the Feast in Sago # 3. You can pay for the tournament at that time. 

2. Youth and Teens Festival Booklets will be available during the Feast at the Information Table. Parents should pick up their child's current grade level: K-1; 2-3; 4-5, and 6-Teen, all displayed on the Information Table. The Education Team asks the families who registered on the Feast Website to pick up their booklets first. 

3. The local Panama City Beach Feast Brochure is going to the printer today. The brochure is thoughtfully designed to help you to have a better, more enjoyable, and safer Feast. We provide this brochure free to all Feast attendees and it will be available at the Information Table immediately before the Opening Night Service. The Feast Brochure includes the following: Welcome Message, Festival Announcements, Scheduled Activities, Festival Reminders, Speaking Schedule, and Conference Center layout. Please take the time to read it through by or before the first Holy Day. We do have some activities on the first Holy Day that include Teen Hospitality, Youth Instruction, and a Singles meet and greet in the evening. 

4. Our first Youth Instruction class will be held at 1:30 pm on the first Holy Day (October 17). Parents should have their children in their respective class rooms (Sago #2 for the youngest, Palm East and Palm West) by 1:15 pm. We should have appropriate signs for grade levels outside each classroom. Children will end their instruction at 2:20 pm and will return to their parents (with parental help) during our announcement time (following the sermonette and song). The second and final Youth Instruction class will be held on Friday, October 21 at 9:30 am.

5. You might want to check out our Activity Schedule on the Panama City Beach web page (click on the Activities tab).

6. We will hold a weekly Sabbath service in the Grand Ballroom beginning on October 15, at 2 pm. 

7. Reminder: A department head meeting will be held from 11 am to 12:30 pm on Sunday, October 16 in Sago # 3. 

May your entire Feast be peaceful and enjoyable.

Jerold W. Aust

Feast Coordinator


Updates - September 23, 2016

Update for: USA Panama City Beach, Florida

Greetings to all Panama City Beach Feast Attendees 2016,

We're only three weeks out from the Feast of Tabernalces. Hopefully you are planning for a great Feast, physically and spiritually. This is a short note regarding Sabbath services on the weekly Sabbath before the Feast. On October 15th, at 2 pm, we will hold a service in the Grand Ballroom. Many of you brethren are likely coming down to the Feast on Friday so having a weekly Sabbath service is essential for God's people. 

We plan to webcast the weekly Sabbath service in Panama City Beach on October 15th so if any of you brethren in different parts of the country need to connect to a live service, you can catch us live! I know of at least one church who has asked for our webcast on the weekly Sabbath before the Feast; there may be more. Thankfully we have some really good audio-visual professionals from the Home Office to make this all happen. 

One more item: We have posted the Feast Activity Schedule on the Panama City Beach web site and additionally, we are providing a colorful and reasonably comprehensive Feast Brochure for you at the Feast that addresses most of our needs during the Feast. Please pick up one of these from the Information area in the Convention Center and don't forget to read it :).

Drive safely and we'll see you soon. Please pray for the safety of our Feast site and all Feast sites around the world. 

Jerold Aust, Feast Coordinator 

Updates - September 22, 2016

Update for: USA Bend Redmond, Oregon

For the Feast in Bend/Redmond this year, we are planning a Family Day Social. 

This year we will fellowship together in a quieter, indoor environment conducive to conversing and mingling with one another. 

How can you contribute?  Bring stuff!

  • Cards or board games you are willing to share
    • Must be Feast and family appropriate inclusive to several players and finish in a relatively short amount of time (no Monopoly).  Folks need to join and leave easily.
  • Puzzles and brain teasers, coloring or drawing books.
  • Crafts such as scarves that you would like to DONATE to others who could use them.  We will have tables set up for items you may take home with you.
  • Small art or craft projects you can teach or engage others in - please contact us and let us know what project you are planning on.

What else do we need?  Volunteers for things like:

  • Face painting
  • Origami
  • Feast card making
  • Meal ticket sales prior to and during the Family Day Social

Write your name and church area on the games/activities you are sharing so we can get them back to you after the day is over!

Suggestions? Questions? Want to volunteer???  Contact the Family Day Coordinator, Bob Arritola or his wife, Laura at 541-474-7823 or email at bob.rtola@gmail.com.

Updates - September 21, 2016

Update for: USA Oceanside, California

Atonement Services before 2016 Feast in Oceanside will be held in both Redlands and San Diego.

visit san-diego.ucg.org or redlands.ucg.org and look on calendar

Updates - September 19, 2016

Update for: USA Galveston, Texas

Sabbath Services October 15, 2016

Sabbath services will be held at the Galveston Convention Center beginning at 2:00 PM on October 15. The meeting will be held in the Galleon Room on Level 1.

Updates - September 12, 2016

Update for: USA Bend Redmond, Oregon

The correct date for family day and the fun show is Wednesday, October 19. Sorry for the error in the original announcement.

Updates - September 8, 2016

Update for: USA Steamboat Springs, Colorado


Following are updates for the Steamboat Springs Feast site:

1.  For those who will be in Steamboat Springs for the Sabbath of October 15, there will be Sabbath services at the Steamboat Grand Hotel at 2 pm.  Services will be in the Burgess Creek Room.

2.  We will be having Youth Educational Classes on two days during the Feast.  We need additional volunteers to assist in the teaching of those classes.  Please send an email if you are interested in serving in this way.

3.  The Activity Schedule is now posted in the Activity section of the Steamboat site. 

4.  There was a more complete message regarding the Feast, including services and Bible Studies, a description of group and other activities, and other info sent earlier to all who are registered to attend the Steamboat Springs Feast site.  If you would like a copy of that memo or Steamboat Activity schedule, or if you have any other questions concerning the Feast, please feel free to email me at any time.

We are looking forward to spending the Feast with all of you this year!

Rick Shabi
Feast Coordinator





Updates - September 8, 2016

Update for: USA Cincinnati, Ohio

​Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed for our Family Day Activity on Wednesday October 19th.  If you can help, we need people to oversee individual games for kids and adults, oversee the prize booth, as well as individuals to help set-up and take down.  If you can serve in any way please e-mail Sue Dunkle at suedunkle@yahoo.com.

Updates - September 8, 2016

Update for: USA Cincinnati, Ohio

​Sabbath Services In Cincinnati

There will be services at the Home Office in Cincinnati the Sabbath before the Feast.  Services will be on October 15th at 2:30 in the afternoon.  The address for services is 555 Technecenter Dr. Milford, Ohio 45150.






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